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Introducing our Virtual Coach

Your 24/7 context-specific guide to ISO 27001 success


Our Virtual Coach can help you and your team follow our practical, time-saving path to ISO 27001 compliance or certification. It distils our expertise into easily-accessible guides, demystifying every part of the ISMS creation process.

Virtual Coach is an optional part of our platform. If you sign up for it, it’s available 24/7. You can have it open alongside you as you work on your ISMS. It shares context-specific written and video guides, plus checklists, examples and key stakeholder insights, that will:

  • Help you progress your ISO 27001 implementation at the right pace
  • Offer simple, practical, context-specific advice whenever and wherever you need it
  • Build your and your team’s infosec confidence and capability

Using Virtual Coach makes sure you’ll:

  • Impress your auditors if and when you go for full certification
  • Save the time, effort and expense of a lead implementer course
  • Remove the need to bring in costly external consultants
  • Bring your senior managers fully on board with your ISMS
  • Drive general compliance with your ISMS’ policies and controls
  • Make sure your organisation understands the real value of your work

“Wow, Virtual Coach just brings alive how to do an ISO 27001 implementation. As someone new to the standard it makes so much more sense and all the bits of the jigsaw fit together easily now.”

See how simple it is with

Who can use our Virtual Coach?

The Virtual Coach is an optional part of You subscribe to it annually. If you choose it as part of your starter package, It’ll be ready and waiting when you first sign in. Or you can activate it at any time once you’ve become a customer. It’s up to you.

It’s backed up our:

They’re available to every single one of our customers. If you still have questions, we’ll answer them directly from within the platform or over the phone. And if you run into any infosec confidence, capability or capacity issues, we’ll solve them ourselves or recommend the right partner for the job.

“Marking the Virtual Coach activities as complete shows a progress bar which really instils the confidence needed to complete the policies and controls and just go for it! The Virtual Coach is well structured and easy to follow.”

Vin Jauhal, Managing Director at WEM Technology

Achieve ISO 27001 first time

All the coaching you’ll need

Virtual Coach breaks down into two separate sections, “Preparing for success” and “ISO 27001 requirements”. Each shares short coaching videos and clear, helpful written content.

Preparing for success

  • Introduces and explains ISO 27001
  • Explores the key infosec principles that lie behind it
  • Shows you how to get the most out of our platform
  • Shares a range of ISMS implementation tips and strategies
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ISO 27001 requirements

  • Walks you through ISO 27001’s core requirements, from Clause 4.1 to Annex A.10.2
  • Explains and shares practical tips and strategies for achieving them all
  • Helps you understand what your auditor and other stakeholders will need from them
  • Accessible from and flagged up within each requirement in our platform

“I attended an ISO 27001 lead implementer course before we got but have learnt more here. We’ve also made more practical progress very quickly, so if I were doing it again I would just go with the Virtual Coach and”

We’ll give you a 77% head start on your ISO 27001 certification

Maintaining your ISO 27001 success

You’ll need to evolve your ISMS as your organisation changes and grows, and new infosec challenges come over the horizon. That’s an essential part of:

  • Maintaining your organisation’s ISO 27001 compliance or certification
  • Getting recertified when your certification’s three-year lifespan ends

The Virtual Coach will stay fully accessible, helping you:

  • Review your ISO 27001 policies and controls in line with the standard’s needs
  • Onboard new staff who join your ISMS team or need to understand your ISMS
  • Show any external auditors you’re committed to long-term infosec skills improvement

And we’ll be evolving our content over time, so it’ll always stay up to date and relevant to your organisation’s ISO 27001 needs.

How can Virtual Coach replace a lead implementer course?
The “Preparing for success” section of Virtual Coach includes everything you’d find in a lead implementer course, and more. We’ve made sure it’s easy to understand and act on. And it’s linked directly to all your implementation tools. It covers a wide range of topics, including: Understanding information security and ISO 27001
  • The fundamentals of information security
  • What an ISMS can do for your organisation
  • Understanding ISO 27001:2013 and 2017
  • The difference between compliance and certification for ISO 27001
  • Why you also need to know about ISO 27002 (and what you need to know)
  • GDPR and its relationship with ISO 27001
Creating and managing your implementation team
  • The best leadership and management approaches to ISO 27001
  • Setting up the right team to create your ISMS and implement ISO 27001
  • Suggested team member roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing good habits and collaborating for success
Where to begin the ISO 27001 process
  • Preparing for your ISO 27001 implementation
  • Where to kick off your ISO 27001 implementation
  • Getting started with our Assured Results Method
  • Introducing our Adopt, Adapt, Add actionable content
  • Quick wins that’ll boost your momentum
  • What to do early on to avoid common pitfalls
Understanding and planning the process
  • Taking a business-led approach to ISO 27001 implementation
  • Making the most of our platform’s features and tools
  • Mapping out your ISMS development journey and timings
  • Thinking through your assets, risks and controls
  • Communicating with your colleagues to keep them aware and engaged
  • Finding the right auditor for your organisation
  • Planning for independent Stage 1 and 2 audits for ISO 27001
How will Virtual Coach guide us through ISO 27001? 
The “ISO 27001 requirements” section of Virtual Coach shows you how to:
  • Address all seven of ISO 27001’s core requirements, from 4.1 – 10.1
  • Develop your Annex A controls from A.5 through to A.18.
It integrates with all the
  • time-saving features, tools
  • actionable policies and controls
  • other practical, useful content
at the heart of your ISO 27001 Policies and Controls workspace. You’ll get practical guidance on meeting each core requirement and Annex A control right where you’ll show them working in practice. That’ll help you and your team focus on getting things done, rather than slowing down to work out how to do them.
See how simple it is with
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