Project Frameworks

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Using Frameworks

Use a Project framework

You can create a Project using a pre-built framework for repeatable work with colleagues and partners. To see the frameworks that are available to your organisation, click Projects in the Work menu and then ‘Create new Project’. on the right hand side of the page you’ll see a list of all the frameworks you can use.

Click ‘Select’ to begin the Project set up.

Even though Phases, Deliverables and, Activities are already set up in a Project framework, you can still edit them, delete them or create new ones to suit the work you’re doing.

Learn more about editing the Project structure.

Create a Project framework

You may want to create your own Project framework for repeatable work at your organisation such as performance and development plans or board meetings. To turn an existing Project into a Framework, select ‘Settings’ from within the Project and then scroll down to ‘Advanced Project Settings’ where you’ll find the Convert to Framework button.

Clicking ‘Convert to framework’ will present you with a pop-up menu. Here you can:

  • Add a description to the framework
  • Include:
    • Notes
    • To-dos
    • Documents

We would advise taking note of the project ID (the numbers in the URL for the project) so if you need to amend the framework at any time you have the project ID to hand.

Update an existing Project Framework

Once a framework has been created it is possible to amend the structure, this will mean any new projects created using that framework will have that updated structure.

Note: existing projects created from that framework will not be altered in any way.

Step by step guide:

To edit a framework you need to know the ID for the project it was based on, this can be found by going to

  1. Projects
  2. Create New
  3. Hover your mouse over the framework you want to edit
  4. The ID for that project will be shown at the end of the link shown at the bottom of the page (screenshot below uses Google Chrome, other browsers may vary).

Make a note of that ID (in my example it’s 2088), then visit any existing project you have access to in Once there edit the URL and change the number after /projects/ to be the ID of the framework you want to edit eg: and press enter.

That will load the framework project allowing you to edit the structure in the normal way.