ISO 27001 Case Study with Dubber Corp

Dubber Corp Achieves Global ISO 27001 Certification Using

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The Challenge for Dubber Corp

  • An ambitious target to achieve ISO 27001 certification within 6 months
  • How to ensure smooth communications and engagement across three international sites and time zones
  • How to streamline ISMS systems and processes to support ‘business as usual’ in busy operational teams

When Dubber approached it had already started the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification and, due to commercial imperatives, had set themselves an ambitious target for reaching Stage 1 within a month and Stage 2 within a further 5 months.

The scope of the ISMS covered three international sites, with the implementation project and certification being led from Australia. Whilst timing was a challenge, Dubber also needed to demonstrate that its three sites, working in three time zones, were fully engaged with the process but without interrupting ‘business as usual’.

Leading the implementation for Dubber, Franchere Chan commented,

“We initially worked with a consultancy to give us some early direction but it soon became apparent we needed a less rudimentary way to manage everything. As a technology provider, manual processes for the mass of documents, spreadsheets, and email exchanges for team contributions and reminders was simply too unwieldy.

We needed one centralised solution to help us streamline our implementation and ensure everything was in place to easily support the ISO audit processes. However, it was equally important that we had a solution that would enable us to maintain our ISMS without it becoming burdensome or labour intensive”.

The Solution

Dubber quickly identified that in they had a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their complete ISMS,

“We didn’t want to waste time building complex spreadsheets and folder structures which still left gaps in how and where to maintain the required evidence on an ongoing basis. We wanted one secure place to manage it from and gave us the structured frameworks, workspaces and tools, all provided pre-configured straight out of the box allowing us to get started straight away.”

Dubber found that the ability to join up the complete ISMS, in particular, mapping risks to multiple controls where they could dynamically update the Statement of Applicability (SoA), also saved them significant time.

Franchere commented, “I have no idea how companies realistically manage that whole process in spreadsheets”.

The Journey

Dubber achieved its ISO 27001 certification goal and now has an ISMS which enables business as usual and supports its continued growth.

“ was so simple and intuitive to use and has reduced the ongoing resources needed to manage our ISMS. We’re now exploring other related use cases for the platform too.”

The team at Dubber also appreciated the ability to capture internal discussions, assigning and tasking all securely online,

“The accountability and visibility enables is invaluable. The fact that we can set reminders and alerts for all the critical activities means that we can concentrate on business as usual with the confidence we’ll not forget anything

We wanted our ISMS to be a living and breathing system that the whole organisation engaged with and committed to and has enabled us to achieve just that.”

We asked Dubber how helped when it came to their certification audit,

“The auditor said it helped him a lot. He really liked the easy to follow structure and it gave him great confidence in how seriously we are taking our ISMS”.

Customer Profile

Dubber is the world’s most scalable call recording service and a disruptive innovator in the multi-billion-dollar telecommunications industry. The company’s platform has been adopted as core network infrastructure by multiple global leading telecommunications carriers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Dubber’s Software-as-a Service offering removes the need for hardware and reduces required capital expenditure.

Founded in Melbourne in 2011, fast growth led to a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2015, followed by a new Europe HQ in London in 2016.

Like many other organisations, Dubber’s decision to undertake ISO 27001 was commercially driven. With customers increasingly demanding security assurances, ISO 27001 would further endorse its global excellence and underline its commitment to protecting customer data and information assets.

“While we had an understanding of the technical requirements of ISO 27001, it was that helped to bring it all alive quickly with structure and pre-built tools that enabled us to embed the ISMS across our international sites.

There is no doubt that using gave the ISO 27001 auditor confidence in the level of Dubber’s commitment to maintaining our ISMS well.

Franchere Chan – Information Security Lead at Dubber

“ does the heavy-lifting to give organisations a great head start in their implementation whilst the collaboration features make it simple to work across disparate teams as they build the ISMS that works for them.

This, coupled with Dubber’s commitment and focus, drove their early ISO 27001 success which acts as an endorsement of its commitment to information security.

Julia Heron – ISMS Solutions Specialist at Alliantist

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