The GDPR plus ISO 27001:2013 Solution

You’re up to 77% ahead with

Demonstrate to the world you’re serious about
Information Security & Data Protection, & that you can be trusted with their business, with a 77% head start.

Get everything from the GDPR Standalone Solution, plus have the software integrated for achieving ISO 27001: 2013. Win the trust of more stakeholders & protect all valuable information, not just personal data.

The GDPR plus ISO 27001 solution enables you to follow both frameworks & easily demonstrate your effective management of information security & data privacy.

Virtual Coach for achieving ISO 27001:2013

Through the ISO 27001 Framework, gain a deeper insight into the accreditation and its policies, with easy to digest videos and supporting documents.

Virtual Coach makes it easy for you and your organisation to make the principles of ICO a way of life.

Pre-populated ISO 27001 and GDPR actionable policies & controls to Adopt, Adapt and Add to

Once you have adapted any of the policies we have included and embraced them within your organisation, you will be an impressive up to 77% ahead.


ISO 27001: 2013 Risk, Applicable Legislation and Interested Parties tools with matching policies

For ISO 27001, and now GDPR, it is important to be able to demonstrate that you are keeping on top of incidents or actions that could put your organisation at risk.

Corrective actions and improvements, Security Incident Management

With you can evidence an end-to-end management of incidents & track events and weaknesses, following our proven work processes. With the use of incident statistics and improved performance, you will be better equipped to handle business continuity & disaster recovery.


Management Boards, Audits and Business Continuity in line with ISO 27001: 2013

Document internal and external audits and demonstrate the actions taken to improve issues when they arise.

Want a full rundown of the functionality?

Complementary support packs if needed

All of our GDPR and ISO 27001: 2013 solutions have the options to add our range of complementary policy packs if you find that you need them.

Just get in touch with the team and request them. You will have the functionality of keeping them digital or exporting and printing them if you wish to do so.

Take the steps to protecting all valuable assets today

*Our Adopt, Adapt and Add to policies and controls will give you a great head start. Many can be ‘adopted’ in just minutes, some need minor ‘adaptation’ for your organisation, and others you will need to ‘add’ to and describe yourself. This is because your organisation is unique in those areas. Crucial to everything is your ability to demonstrate your management system working. shines a light on that very nicely for you, your senior management, your staff, your supply chain, and if they come knocking, customers and regulators too.

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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