GDPR Compliance Software (ISMS)

Want to protect ALL information & get certified?

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Follow the ICO focused GDPR Framework and benefit from
a pre-built environment

Fast track GDPR & protect personal data with ICO approaches at the heart of a preconfigured solution in

Everything you need to describe and demonstrate your approach to GDPR is working makes it easy for your organisation to jump straight into the journey to GDPR compliance and beyond, all in one secure, always on location.

Use our pre-configured workspaces, easy to use tools, automated audit trails, approval processes and more, to easily implement and manage the work. We’ve also given you a massive head start with actionable policies you can adopt, adapt and add to.

We’ve done the heavy lifting to help save you time and money, and focus on what you do well. GDPR software solution -

There’s no getting away from how complex GDPR is but the platform helps to put it all into perspective. makes it simpler to see what still needs to be done and gives practical content, tips and tools to help you meet the requirements. We have no idea how we would manage GDPR on an ongoing basis without it.

Anna Taylor
Operations Director at RecruitmentRevolution GDPR Standalone Solution helps you to achieve GDPR much faster

No need for multiple applications or muddling through with spreadsheets and word processing documents. does what you need, securely and ‘always on’ in the cloud, at a price you can afford.

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Track the personal data you manage

Say goodbye to static spreadsheets and build a dynamic inventory of the type of personal data that your organisation controls or processes. Quickly track how you process and manage the data of your employees, customers, shareholders and more.

The inventory allows you to easily demonstrate that you are managing risk, and really living and breathing data protection – which is at the heart of GDPR. Assign actions to your team and apply data categories – all in a dynamic environment that’s as easy to update as any other part of

GDPR Policies and Controls up to 73% Complete

Inside the pre-built GDPR policies and controls environment, we’ve given you a great head start with pragmatic and actionable approaches you can Adopt, Adapt and Add to quickly.

Whether working alone or in teams online, the project-based nature of the workspace allows great collaboration and progress monitoring. We have included a simple approval process and automated reviews for making your ongoing monitoring easy too.

GDPR Risk Assessments

Manage data protection and broader information security risks with the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability approach that shows you know what you are doing and fully understand your responsibilities.

With a built-in Risk Bank to draw on and practical features that make ongoing risk management so easy, you’ll never want to use a spreadsheet again for this job.

risk and treatment page of the isms

GDPR Security Incident & Breach Management Tracking

GDPR compliance includes the need to demonstrate how you are managing security incidents. With this in mind, offers a pre-built Security Incident_management”>Incident Management Track which includes tagging for breaches that require Regulator and/or victim notifications. This Track has a matching policy for you to adopt in just minutes and includes everything you need for success.

gdpr standalone solution in

Handling Subject Access Requests (SAR) for GDPR

Subject Access Requests need to be managed well for GDPR success. provides you with a secure space to do just that. Everything is kept in one place, with automated reporting and insight to make managing this area of GDPR so much easier.

GDPR subject access requests in

Optional Extras

Supply Chain Management

Outsourcing for data processing offers great benefits to organisations and their data controllers. However, it also presents some of the biggest risks to the organisation and your data subjects too. It’s why GDPR is so hot on supply chain management and we are too.

GDPR requires controllers to provide evidence they are in control of the supply chain and that the end to end service can be trusted. Demonstrating contracts are in place and that you have the right contacts in the supplier, including the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is essential. That, and the ability to manage the relationship, monitor performance and coordinate your supply chain is a breeze with

supply chain management

Staff Engagement, Training & Awareness

People are the key to success. But they can also be the cause of failure. The ‘yin’ to the supply chain’s ‘yang’ when it comes to data controlling and processing, means staff need to be right at the heart of your solution. simplifies communications and engagement, ranging from basic sharing features through to more sophisticated policy pack and compliance environments.

You can demonstrate effective staff engagement from the point of recruitment, through induction, in life awareness and when the time comes, for the exit too.

person communicating with their staff and colleagues using software work with a number of partners in the information security sector, including legal experts and cyber training and awareness organisations. We can give you extra help if you need it.

GDPR isn’t just about ticking a box. The principles behind the regulation need to be lived and breathed in your organisation. We give you the foundations to do just that.

*Our Adopt, Adapt and Add to policies and controls will give you a great head start. Many can be ‘adopted’ in just minutes, some need minor ‘adaptation’ for your organisation, and others you will need to ‘add’ to and describe yourself. This is because your organisation is unique in those areas. Crucial to everything is your ability to demonstrate your management system working. shines a light on that very nicely for you, your senior management, your staff, your supply chain, and if they come knocking, customers and regulators too.