The Personal Data Inventory – Documentation for GDPR just got easier

We talked recently about the updates the Information Commissioner’s Office made to the Documentation sections of the GDPR and what information organisations of all sizes would need to manage. Now we take a look at how a new innovation from can make that job easier.

A new addition to the Data Protection Act of 1998, GDPR will require you to describe and demonstrate how you process personal data, and carefully document it. The ICO has given examples of documentation templates in spreadsheet format, and you can take a look at those on their Documentation summary pages.

I photo of a set of ISO 27001 documentation

But has gone one leap forward with the addition of our new platform feature – The Personal Data Inventory & Records Processing Tracker.

See how simple it is with

A smarter way to manage information assets and personal data

Let’s face it, spreadsheets can baffle the best of us. And they’re not really known for their security and intuitive sharing capabilities.

Our Personal Data Inventory & Records Processing Tracker, just like all the other tools we have built, allows you to keep your documentation in one secure location. Capture and categorise your data, record, collaborate and link it to relevant accounts and suppliers in your information security management system.

Looking to achieve or manage your ISO 27001?

Alongside this new Personal Data Inventory, we have also built an Information Asset Inventory, enabling you to comply with the requirements of ISO 27001. You can read a little bit more about that over on our software features page under the Information Asset Inventory tab.