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Information Technology (IT)

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is the process of creating and exchanging electronic data. The Harvard Business Review coined the term “information technology” to refer to purposes – machines designed for limited functionality, rather than general purpose computers that could be programmed for different tasks.

In a broader sense, technology is the development of computing capacities such as computing power, memory and memory. While the IT industry has evolved since the mid-20th century, computing capacity has increased as equipment costs and energy consumption have fallen – a cycle that continues today as new technologies emerge.

Information technology means the development of an infrastructure to support, manage and provide information through voice, data and video. Information technology is typically referred to as equipment, but this refers to any infrastructure that supports, manages, and provides information, whether it is used for voice or data, video, or both.

Information technology is a constantly expanding field as more and more companies switch to computer-based enterprises. While front-end work focuses on improving the usability of interfaces through website design, back-end work focuses on supporting and maintaining networks and databases.

The role of an IT professional can include both front-end and back-end work as well as the development and maintenance of software products. Software engineers operate and maintain software products, including web applications, web servers, databases and other computer systems.

Some may choose to work in cybersecurity, while others devote their talents to developing information systems and data analysis tools. For this reason, most companies have their own IT department, which serves as both front-end and back-end for the development and maintenance of software products and services.