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Policy Management

Manage your ISMS requirements, policies and controls in one place


  • cluster gdpr standalone showing all included projectsGet a head start with pre-built regulation, certification and standards frameworks to meet GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, ISO
    9001:2015, NIST Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials, PCI:DSS, PSN CoCo, Cloud Security Principles and more
  • Easily input information – create policies, controls and other information quickly
  • Quickly and easily create a Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001
  • See progress and completion for your ISMS at all times
  • Work well with your team using built in collaboration features and visible audit trails with version control management
  • Follow an efficient approval process to demonstrate independent evaluation, and set automated policy reminders and alerts for review

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Risk Management & Other Decision Support Tools

Identify then address risks, follow applicable legislation and interested parties with dynamic collaborative tools.

risk map detailing potential or actual risks and colour coded for monitoring frequency

  • Effectively manage Applicable Legislation and Interested Parties
  • Save weeks of work using our risk bank of over 100 risks mapped to the controls used in their management
  • Quickly and easily add your own risk, applicable legislation and interested parties using trusted methodologies
  • Assign and set review dates
  • Treat risks, capture evidence, and retain a full audit trail
  • Work dynamically alone or online in teams

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Evaluation & Improvement
  • Evidence governance with practical audits & management reviews
  • graph showing improvements in the isms by issues created and resolvedMonitor objectives against KPI’s
  • Evidence non-conformities and corrective actions and identify areas for continual improvement, meeting requirement 10 of ISO 27001:2013
  • Manage through proven work processes, retaining information to create a full audit trail to save time later
  • Navigate and share easily to reduce management overhead

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GDPR Frameworks & Tools

In addition to the core ISMS, you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Follow the full GDPR regulation as a project framework and capture your evidence, policies and workings to demonstrate compliance
  • For SME’s, follow the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) approved self-assessment framework and capture your evidence, policies, and workings to demonstrate compliance
  • Easily collaborate with teams, assigning tasks and due dates to ensure you are ready for May 2018
  • Follow a work process for tracking Subject Access Requests, assigning and setting due dates and reminders to ensure deadlines are met
  • Use our relationship management accounts area to record supply chain DPO’s as required by GDPR
  • Manage incidents and risks using ISO 27001 accredited tools which include ISO 27001 certified policies and controls
  • Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments and evidence findings


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Incident Management
  • Evidence an end-to-end management of incidents & track events and weaknesses, following our proven work processessnalshot of tracks in the information security management system
  • Filter reporting by customisable settings that include notification to regulators and victims in line with EU GDPR
  • Manage and drive performance improvements using incident stats
  • Handle business continuity & disaster recovery planning

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Staff Communication & Awareness

Improving your staff communications and awareness is a fundamental part for strong information security in your organisation.

updates fields including tasks and discussions

  • Collaborate in groups
  • Set tasks for compliance
  • Improve learning and development
  • Elevate employee engagement


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Human Resource Security

Manage information security within HR through pre-built frameworks that save you time and effort during repeatable processes

initiatives page in isms online

  • Complete screening and recruitment, inductions, in-life compliance, training, exit and change
  • Collaborate using easy to administer teams
  • Group HR initiatives together using our simple ‘Cluster’ functionality that makes access, navigation and analysis fast and effective


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Supply Chain Management for Information Security

Satisfy the requirements of GDPR, and Section 15 of ISO 27001, to manage supply chain relationships:


  • Manage supplier contracts and contacts, and capture the GDPR requirement to hold DPO’s for all relevant suppliers
  • Create simple links from your disaster recovery plan for speedy retrieval from an independent and ‘always-on’ cloud solution
  • Link accounts to associated risks for ongoing management, fast analysis and improved decision-making
  • Monitor and review supplier services & changes to services, setting KPI’s and capturing evidence with a clear and full audit trail
  • Capture contacts interest and satisfaction levels with quick and easy reporting
  • Categorise contracts by type and status and record power and interest levels for powerful management overview and action
  • It’s simple to create a cluster of supply chain partners to make it easy and fast to navigate and share information…you can even set up supply chain communication groups where required


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Privacy Impact Assessments & Project Management for Information Security

If you’re following ISO 27001 you’ll need to address information security within project management, as required by 6.1.5 of the standard. To meet regulations like GDPR, you will need to demonstrate your approach to Privacy Impact Assessments.

privacy impact management

  • Use prebuilt accredited templates or build your own repeatable frameworks with security considerations at its core
  • It’s fast and simple to create additional standard or compliance frameworks, cutting down on the duplication across them
  • Complete project work, collaborating with colleagues with assigning, tasking, due dates, discussion areas and a place to evidence workings
  • Set KPI’s and measure performance


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