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New York State Department of Financial Services

The NYDFS Cyber Security Regulation

Robust cyber security changes

The requirements of the NYDFS cyber security regulation demands a number of improvements around cyber threats for financial services that operate in the USA. The main requirements for adhering to the regulation include the need for a system that enables you to detect, respond to, and record cyber security events. NYDFS also requires you to create an infrastructure to protect your organisation from these threats.

Who needs to adhere to the NYDFS Cyber Security Regulation?

  • US private and state chartered bankers, as well as foreign banks that operate in New York
  • US mortgage and licensed lenders
  • US insurance companies
  • US service providers
new york state department of financial services

The NYDFS Framework built for success

The software gives you one secure place to help you meet the requirements of the regulation. Collaborate with your team members to set up your cyber defence infrastructure. Record how you manage any threats and compile presentation ready reports for audits. All in the cloud.

And if you want to speed up the process, we can provide a pre-configured Framework to allow you to follow the requirements of the NYDFS regulation closely.