How Aluma moved all their ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 hard work onto our platform

Aluma is a world leader in cloud-based intelligent document processing technology. It had already boosted its quality management processes with ISO 9001 certification and now wanted to go for ISO 27001. With our powerful platform we helped Aluma achieve ISO 27001 certification just three months after signing up with us.

Aluma’s CTO Mark Wightman and his team had already done a lot of work on its ISMS. They’d created much of its content, including its:

  • Core policies and controls
  • Statement of applicability
  • Information asset register
“We had some home-grown spreadsheets and documents and had also explored some paid-for 27001 documentation toolkits.” Mark Wightman, CTO, Aluma

So Mark came to us with a very clear understanding of the benefits of ISO 27001 certification. He knew that it would help his organisation:

  • Boost its information security
  • Win new customers
  • Improve its internal practices

But Aluma had set itself a tight certification deadline. And the road ahead looked challenging.

“We’d been struggling with our spreadsheets and feeling quite overwhelmed with the mechanics of the ISMS and in particular creating a risk register.”

Why Aluma chose us

When Mark found our platform he had a love-at-first-sight moment.

“We discovered you when we were searching for advice on managing risks. Once I saw the platform I immediately realised that it would massively simplify and streamline our work, by taking away the complexity of the mechanics, giving us a massive boost on policies and controls and generally guiding us in the right direction.”

He also signed up for our optional Virtual Coach. And he could draw on help from our ISMS support teams and ISO 27001 experts as and when needed.

The broader benefits of were a big draw too. He saw that our platform would simplify management of his ISMS through the lifecycle of its ISO 27001 certification. And he could use it to manage Aluma’s ISO 9001 certification, plus any others he chose to go for.

How we accelerated Aluma to ISO 27001

Mark’s very clear on how we helped Aluma achieve ISO 27001 certification in just three months.

“What do we like about The usability of the product, the approachable, friendly and helpful team – and your bundled advice and consultancy sessions!”

When we asked him what his favourite features were, he said:

“Your Adopt / Adapt / Add Policies and Controls gave us a great head start and are written in very accessible plain English. There’s no unnecessary technospeak. Your Asset Inventory and Risk Register are easy to use, much easier than equivalent spreadsheets. And they stick to just the necessary number of fields. And your Virtual Coach helped keep us focused on what matters and made sure we had all points covered that an auditor might look for.”

What’s next for Aluma

Mark and the team plan to use our platform for the three year lifespan of their ISMS’ ISO 27001 certification. They’re also using it to look after their ISO 9001 certification, creating the beginnings of an integrated management system. That’s inspired them to assess other standards and see which ones could help both them and their customers.

Everyone we helped go for an ISO 27001 audit passed first time. You could too.