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After difficulties maintaining their own ISMS, Lanrex chose to partner with to deliver certainty for both it and its customers.

Lanrex is a technology solutions provider based in Australia that found a gap in the market for connecting businesses with the technology they need to get ahead and stay ahead.

When Lanrex approached, they were looking for an Information Security Management platform that they could utilise for the ongoing management of their ISO 27001 and resell to others. Little did they know that they would end up with a new line of business application.

We spent some time with Lanrex’s Managing Director, Jodie Korber, to find out why they chose to Partner with

How did Lanrex approach InfoSec before using

Lanrex approached ISO 27001 as many organisations do – they hired expensive consultants who recommended documenting their policies and controls in Word and Excel.

However, they soon discovered that even though they achieved certification in this way, it would not lend itself to the ongoing management of their ISMS.

“When we commenced our journey to become ISO certified, we invested a lot of time and money. We worked with external consultants and built our ISMS system from scratch within SharePoint.

Although we successfully built our ISMS and achieved ISO 27001 certification, the ongoing information security management was becoming too time-consuming. Keeping track of our review periods, risks, actions, internal audits etc. was taking a lot of time to administer, and it wasn’t the best approach.”

Jodie Korber, Managing Director at Lanrex

Why did Lanrex choose to Partner with

Lanrex connects businesses with the technology they need to get ahead and stay ahead. So when they decided to approach their ISMS differently, they started looking for an IT solution.

“We were finding it extremely time-consuming to maintain our ISMS. Being IT folk, we felt there must be a better way, and we were hoping there was a technology solution available.”

Jodie Korber, Managing Director at Lanrex

After a short demo of, Jodie decided that not only did Lanrex need the platform for their own Information Security, but they wanted to be able to help other businesses achieve ISO 27001.

“I had researched Lanrex before my meeting with Jodie, and I knew from the moment I saw their business model that they would be a great Partner. and Lanrex have the same goal – we want to help organisations overcome business-critical issues with smart technology solutions.”

Julia Heron, ISMS Solutions Specialist at

How is helping you overcome previous challenges?

Although Lanrex had achieved ISO 27001 certification, they were having difficulties with the ongoing management of their ISMS. Evidencing version control when updating policies and controls was time-consuming and both monitoring and evidencing access control was becoming increasingly difficult and taking up valuable time and resources.

“Linked Work has enabled us to link our controls to our risks and information assets. This has not only been really helpful, but it’s something we weren’t able to do in SharePoint.”

Jodie Korber, Managing Director at Lanrex

When Lanrex decided to look for a tool to improve the management of their ISMS, they didn’t expect to find a complete business solution.

“Since migrating to, we’ve been able to reduce the time spent on administration maintaining our processes and actions.

We have started using for much more than managing our ISO 27001 certification. We give new employees access to our company procedures via Policy Packs, and introduce them to ISO 27001 using the Virtual Coach. We have saved so much time on internal handovers.

The Group communication tool enables us to make important announcements to all employees about our ISMS and much more. It has empowered employees to share their ideas for improving the business and created a culture of openness and transparency. We use ‘Projects’ to manage all kinds of internal projects. We can easily create a new project from scratch and assign tasks, set to-dos and manage time at a high level. has changed more than our Information Security Management.”

Jodie Korber, Managing Director at Lanrex

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