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Resilient IT are New Zealand-based information security and business continuity specialists. Founder Simon Jordan and his team protect their customers from disruptive and damaging incidents helping them to keep their businesses safe and successful.

They’ve taken many of their customers all the way to ISO 27001 certification and beyond. Now they’re doing that and more as an partner. Thanks to they have found that our platform:

  • Makes the whole ISO 27001 process simpler, more secure and more sustainable
  • Helps Resilient IT focus on higher-value work for a wider range of customers
“One of the most important considerations in a management system implementation is the choice of tools. The right tool makes a substantial difference in the ease of implementation and speed and also the ongoing maintenance of the management system in subsequent years. is by far our preferred implementation tool.” Simon Jordan, Founder, Resilient IT

Why Resilient IT chose us

As an IRCA certified lead auditor and implementer of ISO 27000, and also a trainer for BSI across their management system standards, Simon Jordan knows exactly how many moving parts go into ISO 27001 certification. And he’s very aware that juggling them all can be a big challenge.

“There are a lot of vendors claiming to deliver ISO 27001 solutions and this can be really overwhelming for the uninitiated. They range from seemingly low-cost static options that are little more than glorified spreadsheets (offering no insight, direction or joined-up view) to enterprise solutions that are so big they’re unwieldy and prohibitively costly.

As specialist implementers, we want to recommend a tool that is highly sophisticated, yet simple and cost effective, to make certification affordable to our customers regardless of their size. It also needs to offer flexibility in how we are able to work within it, because we support our customers in different ways depending on their needs.”

With Simon found that our platform was everything he was looking for in a simplified, secure, sustainable compliance solution.

“ was the standout choice. It has all the requirements of the standard that can be met within one single environment and everything is just joined up throughout the toolset. And from an auditor perspective, the auditor can evidence both the intent and the action of the system easily in the same structure that they are used to.”

That’s just a starting point. does more than just bring everything together, all in one place. It automates key parts of the ISMS management, oversight and support process. And because it’s cloud-based, Simon and his team don’t need to be onsite to support it. That frees them up to:

  • Deploy their expertise when and where it really matters
  • Find and take on more new customers

How Resilient IT helped their customer Taxlab

Resilient IT’s customers love the experience. As Allen Knight, CEO of Resilient IT’s customer Taxlab, said, it makes working with them “very easy”:

“The fact that the software is online meant that we could work with them day-to-day in the office and we could work remotely with them and it also provided us with a lot of context to how the frameworks worked because the software is laid out exactly like the standard.”

Allen Knight, CEO, Taxlab

That’s how Resilient IT helped Allen through the specific challenges of ISO 27001:

“Well we felt the standard was fairly complex and lengthy. So we were looking for some expertise to step us through the process without having to, I guess, learn everything from scratch. It’s been brilliant having Resilient IT take us through it.”

And has been an important part of that positive experience:

“ has been brilliant for linking everything together, especially the policies, the controls, the actions that we take day-to-day. It’s been brilliant from a workflow perspective, making sure that the right things are being done at the right times. And it’s brilliant for making sure that our staff are actually doing things at the right times, so that they are reading the policies, that we’ve got confirmations, that we’ve got a full audit trail of what’s going on.”

All that hard work, guided by Resilient IT and supported by, more than paid off when Taxlab reached its ISO 27001 certification audit.

“The feedback from our auditor was that it was the easiest audit they have ever done.”

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