ISO 22301 Clause 1: Scope

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What will Requirement 1 of ISO 22301 help you achieve?

ISO 22301 documentation looks long and complicated. That’s because it wants to help you think through every part of your business continuity management system (BCMS) in detail.

The detail contained with the ISO 22301 standard will help you achieve a very simple, practical goal. The business continuity standard sets out how a business/organisation can set up, manage and constantly improve a business continuity management for your organisation.

As you work through the ISO 22301 standard and documentation, you’ll see how you can help your organisation:

  • get ready for
  • respond to
  • recover from
  • avoid

Any event or situation that upsets or could upset its normal functioning. Broadly speaking, if your organisation needs to:

  • set up, maintain and improve a business continuity management system (BCMS)
  • conform with a specific business continuity policy
  • keep on delivering an agreed level of products and/or services in challenging times
  • become more resilient by having an effective BCMS up and running

Your business will benefit from the ISO 22301 process. That will help you create more certainty that your organisation can meet its own business continuity needs and obligations, whatever the situation.

Because that covers so many different kinds of organisations, the standard’s creators expect you to adapt it to your own particular needs. You might only need to apply some of its requirements, depending on your organisation’s complexity and working environment. We can help you understand and work through that process.

That’s also the reason why we’re always very careful to talk about your organisation, not your business. Because ISO 22301 has such a broad reach, we don’t just work with businesses. We’ve helped charities, government departments, civil bodies and many others kinds of organisation or parts of organisations work through and benefit from it.

ISO 22301:2019 Requirements

ISO 22301 implements the framework, fundamental text & definitions of Annex L.

Formerly Annex SL, Annex L establishes a high-level framework for ISO management system standards. The Annex was drawn up to incorporate a similar core text and common terminology and concepts. Except for Clause 8, the Annex L requirements address many of the same areas as the core requirements of ISO 27001, covered in Section 4.1 through to 10.2.

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