ISO 22301 Clause 7: Support

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What will Requirement 7 of ISO 22301 help us achieve?

Managing an extensive, effective BCMS creates some very practical challenges. To overcome them, you need to make sure that your organisation’s made the right resources available.

They include a competent business continuity team, equipped with the right training and support, and effective communications that drive awareness of your business continuity policies and controls. Of course, you also need to document your policies and actions, and be ready to share that documentation as and when needed.

7.1 Resources

This clause asks you to make sure you’ve assigned the right resources to the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of your BCMS. That’s a very wide-ranging challenge, because those resources can include people, premises, technologies, information, suppliers and partners.

If you run into any capacity or capability problems as you do that, we’ll be very happy to help. We can draw on a wide network of specialist support partners. Just let us know what sort of issue you’re facing and we’ll match you up with the right person to help you deal with it.

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7.2 Competence

To achieve ISO 22301 certification, you’ll need to carefully evaluate the competence of the employees who play a part in maintaining your BCMS and carrying out your business continuity plan.

If they already have the right skills or experience, then you just have to document that. If they don’t, you’ll need to either train them up, or refocus their responsibilities to match their capabilities and find someone else to fill the gap. You must record all that with a general statement about your people and their competencies. It should describe each one’s role within your BCMS and show their suitability for it, noting any relevant experience, training or education.

We recommend laying this information laid out in table form, summarising the right details in a clear, simple way. That makes it easy to show that you have the right teams in place to deal with challenging times. It’s also worth noting that the competence evaluation process can be very challenging. It can cover a very wide spectrum of skills and experience, and create a need for you to train existing employees or even recruit new ones. As ever, if you need help with that, we can recommend a partner who’ll be an excellent match for your organisation. makes setting up and managing your ISMS as easy as it can get.

Peter Risdon
CISO, Viital

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