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Facewatch fighting crime and proving their commitment to information security using ISMS.Online

The Alliantist team are busy on another client roll-out.

Of course, we’re always pleased to be supporting clients on their journey towards ISO 27001 certification but, in this instance, we’re particularly proud.

The reason? The client is Facewatch and their products provide secure online crime reporting and networking environments. They enable businesses, the public and police to tackle low-level crime, by sharing images within groups for the prevention of crime. In submitting CCTV evidence and witness statements to the police, the Facewatch system directly helps solve crime.

Facewatch has justifiably gone from strength to strength, and it is through their ongoing work supporting the police that Alliantist and Facewatch came together.

Alliantists’ core platform, pam, is used widely in policing as a highly secure collaboration tool. Like Facewatch, it was working with Government departments that led to the need to verify our security credentials. We, like Facewatch, chose to seek ISO 27001 accreditation to do this and we gained ISO 27001:2005 certification in 2010, migrating to the 2013 standard in 2014.

On making the decision to seek ISO 27001 accreditation, Facewatch set themselves a target of one year to achieve certification. They set about researching the best way to do this and the costs started mounting. ISO 27001 training courses, days away from the office, management time in implementing from scratch and the possibility of additional software to help them. They also recognised that, like many organisations, they had to fit this into their day-to-day business and would inevitably need significant help from a consultant.

A fortuitous meeting with Simon Gordon, Founder and Chairman of Facewatch, at a business event, led to a 5-minute iPad demo of over dinner. Simon instantly saw the benefits and could see how we had managed to achieve our own certification quickly and without the need for a consultant to help us. He arranged a full demo for his team.

One hour later and the CTO, a self-confessed skeptic, had made his buying decision.

Facewatch recognised that the time savings and ease of implementation with ISMS.Online would help them reach their goal of certification far quicker than their anticipated 12 months, and save them significant resource and costs to boot.

In fact, they loved the system so much they are also using it to implement their ISO 9001 too!

We’re confident Facewatch are well on their way to ISO 27001 certification and wish them all the best of luck. Working together we can beat crime and protect information_security”>information security!

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