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We have been selected as one of the UK’s leading Cyber scaleups

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Alliantist is delighted to announce it has been chosen as one of just 20 exclusive businesses from across the UK to be part of Tech Nation Cyber.  It is the UK’s first national cyber security growth programme.  Alumni for other Tech Nation programmes include many household brands.   

Mark Darby, CEO for Alliantist said “This is a significant endorsement for our vision of becoming the trusted global brand in what is a fast-growing market for information security management systems (ISMS).

It was clear that many organisations, of all sizes, were struggling to achieve standards like ISO 27001, or looking to improve the way they managed their systems over time.  With growing cybercrime and privacy regulations increasing pressure even more, the forces pushing for a trusted ISMS in organisations and their supply chains are stronger than ever. They are also not going away.

Given we’d already solved that ISMS challenge ourselves, our aspiration was to help others solve it too and avoid the pain we encountered on our journey.  The solution had to be better than alternatives at a price point every organisation could afford.   

Over two years of new product investment and nearly £2m, building on an existing proven Alliantist software infrastructure that cost considerably more, has led to this powerful SaaS offer, an all in one place ISMS, securely available online.

Despite limited marketing effort so far, with complementary partners working inside and alongside the platform, demand is now coming inbound from all over the world, reinforcing the market is searching for help.  We now have customers from many different geographies, sectors and sizes with one common goal; being serious about information security management and demonstrating they can be trusted for it.

Scaling up internationally is a major growth goal for us so we are very proud to be selected for this programme.  We look forward to achieving that with the support of the Tech Nation mentors, cohort colleagues and the investors behind it.”

For more about the Tech Nation Cyber Scaleup Programme go here.


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