Medical software company selects ISMS software for infosec excellence

Itémedical is a leading supplier of medical hardware and software in the Benelux. It is dedicated to improving patient care by providing user-friendly decision support systems.

Demonstrating excellence is paramount to Itémedical and is why it invests in maintaining relevant ISO standards, including information security management.

It’s also what led it to needing ISMS software and choosing, where it discovered additional benefits.



Already certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, a quality management system for the medical devices industry, Itémedical recently turned it’s attention to information security management.

Assaf Smotny, COO, based at the head office in The Netherlands, commented,

Information security is critical to us given our industry, it’s why we’re 100% committed to following the principles of the ISO 27001 framework and benefiting from the improvements that will bring across our organisation.

But, as a growing SME, Smotny was frustrated at the amount of time being devoted to information security and, as a technology-led business, he knew the solution must lie in ISMS software to make it simpler and more efficient to manage.

Why waste time creating methodologies to manage risk and incidents when someone else has already done it really well. Battling with manual processes were proving resource intensive and were still leaving leave room for error said Smotny.

We set about researching the market for ISMS software that would enable us to not only describe our security controls but also easily demonstrate effective information security management. When we discovered we saw the added benefit of being able to manage all of our ISO standards in one place, reducing duplication, repetition and administrative time. The fact that it included the EU GDPR framework and tools was a real bonus, plus we have the ability to create frameworks for any future standards or compliance projects.

In fact, to demonstrate exactly how easy it was to add other standards, quickly built the framework for ISO 13485 to get Itémedical started.

Mark Darby, CEO of Alliantist, the company behind said,

Itémedical needed no convincing on how easy it would be to build and manage its ISMS using our ISO 27001 framework, policies, and tools. But, we wanted to take that a step further and demonstrate just how simple it was to create a new framework. We knew that once they had transferred their existing ISO 13485 policies and controls to they’d see the value in an integrated approach that offers significant savings in management resource.

And, Darby was right! Smotny and his team realised the benefits instantly,

We couldn’t believe just how simple it was to manage versus our old methods of working in spreadsheets, documents, and shared folders. It gives us instant visibility of progress and enables us to communicate and manage effectively across our team. The adoption support we received was great and has ensured we will optimise our use of the platform way into the future as we continue to demonstrate compliance across multiple ISO standards and data privacy regulations.

Demonstrate your excellence in data privacy and information security with simple to use frameworks, tools and policies for multiple standards and compliance requirements.

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