Scaling up with certainty

We’re growing fast to help more people, while still delivering the same seamless service our current customers love.

Scaleup mode is always a challenge, but great leadership and the right hiring strategy goes a long way to removing risks traditionally associated with growing pains. Lucky for us, we have several not-so-secret weapons that ensure our accelerated growth is smooth and successful, both for our customers, partners and our employees.

The first in our arsenal is our investor and leadership team. They understand that consistently excellent service is fundamental to competitive advantage. Unlike the short term fixes and temporary solutions customers choose before they land on us, our value comes from a long term, cost effective service model.

We like to think of our relationships as the perfect marriage of mutual success. Long term, committed and, of course, never boring. Our leaders understand that success like that takes time and investment. Our customers appreciate how we make the complex simple. helps you achieve and manage all your information security, business continuity and regulatory compliance goals all in one place. We exist to support your infosec goals and enable you to achieve and maintain the highest level of certification possible within your area of responsibility. While that support is largely delivered via the strength of our platform, there’s a strong human element that comes into play. That’s why the second not-so-secret weapon in our arsenal is our tactical investment in our people.

We’re adding to our crack team of in-house infosec experts, who’ll all have the same level of expertise to which our customers have become accustomed. These experts will specialise in supporting users with differing levels of experience.

We’re building on our customer success team to further streamline support for specific types of customers. Whether you’re new to the world of infosec, looking to improve, or an expert seeking to migrate your system online, as we continue to scale you can expect a consistent point of contact familiar with your needs.

A proudly marketing led organisation, we use analytics and insights to help us continually improve our platform to ensure we’re developing exactly the way our users need us to. So we’re adding to our marketing team to maintain this momentum. Plus, now the concept has been well and truly proven, we’re cementing our proposition for forward thinking customers who wish to partner with us.

We’re committed to continuing to turn trust into certainty as we grow. If you’re already with us, you’ll meet some new faces while still enjoying the same excellent service. If you’re interested in leveling up your information security management system, we’d love to tell you more about our growth plans while giving you a demo of the system. And if you love what we do and think you could bring value to our growing team, why not get in touch?