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Michelle McCarthy

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Peppy Boosts Its Threat Immunity With ISO 27001 Certification

Congratulations are in order for the specialist healthcare app that recently achieved ISO 27001 certification on the first attempt using Will you join them? We’re absolutely delighted to announce… Keep reading >

Top 5 Information Security Podcasts to Follow

Why only five? Because we’re all about keeping things simple here at Information security is a busy calling. Keeping up with security news whilst staying abreast of recent incidents… Keep reading >

Scaling up with certainty

We're growing fast to help more people, while still delivering the same seamless service our current customers love. Scaleup mode is always a challenge, but great leadership and the right… Keep reading >

Make your next move your best move

Join one of the UK’s top cyber scale-ups and help us turn trust into certainty for organisations across the globe. If you’re looking for your next move and fancy working… Keep reading >

There’s SSO, then there’s SSO

We all know Single Sign-On holds the key to security and convenience. Our version boosts your ability to securely manage different levels of access and can even support your brand.… Keep reading >

Cyber security is vital medicine during COVID-19

Inspired by our leader Mark Darby’s recent article on the Dark Reading website we examine the threat levels in an industry currently under the microscope ― health. Our diagnosis? Don’t stop… Keep reading >

From Xero to heroCloud accounting champions change

As Xero’s global security standard deadline arrives, we discuss its implication for partners and ponder what’s next. Will the ICAEW and ACCA follow in the footsteps of ATO with firm… Keep reading >