Meet our support teams

Infosec’s really all about people

Our support teams make using our platform a breeze. And that’ll help you make your organisation safer, more secure and more successful.

  • Your Success Manager will become an expert in your business. They’ll tailor our services and offer to your unique needs. They’ll stay in regular touch with you.
  • Our Support Team are experts in our platform. They’ll make sure you get everything you need out of it, and more. Your package includes easy, unlimited access to them.
  • Our Service Development and Delivery Team are infosec experts. They’ll help you build a firm foundation for your ISMS, then be on call for any big challenges.

I’m in love with this platform. is so much more than cloud software. It’s also a team of experts supporting your goals. The care I have received from the Customer Success Team has been absolutely fantastic. It has dramatically improved my experience and outcomes.

Adeyinka Jegede,

Compliance and Systems Specialist, Better Impact

Introducing your Success Manager

Your Success Manager will:

● Get to know your organisation
● Make sure we’re meeting all of your ISMS needs
● Support you through your compliance or certification life cycle

If you need to boost your own infosec confidence, capability, capacity or discipline, they’ll help you draw on our SDD Team’s expertise to build it up. And if you just want to dive in on your own, they’ll step back and only be there when you need them.

For us, success starts with accelerating our customers to ISO 27001 in the most efficient, painless way possible. But then there’s the long term, helping their ISMS evolve and grow with their business, and making sure they’re ready for whatever new infosec challenges the future brings.

Kayleigh Sallows, Success Manager

Introducing our Support Team

Our Support Team’s easy to access from within our platform. You can live chat with them during office hours or drop them an email whenever you feel like it. And they keep our help guides and other learning materials up to date and easy to use.

We  love helping organisations solve their infosec problems. That can have such positive results, from helping them win new business and enter new marketplaces to making sure they’re safe and secure if and when the worst happens.

Alex Southgate,
Head of Success Management

Introducing our Services Development and Delivery Team

Our SDD team have over 60 years of privacy and information security experience between them, covering ISO 27001, risk management, data protection regulation and much else. They’ll show you how to get the most out of our platform in your first few weeks with us. After that they can share expert help and guidance if and when you need it.

We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making sure our platform’s the most practical, easy-to-use, comprehensive path to ISMS success. That means we’ve already done most of the heavy lifting for our clients. It’s very satisfying watching them realise just how simple and effective we’ve made the whole infosec process.

Toks Oyegunle,
Head of Services, Development and Delivery

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Bringing you on board

Our onboarding process will help you understand:

  • Who our teams are and how they can help you
  • How to use our platform to achieve your ISMS goals
  • What to do first and where to go next

We’ve found the platform incredibly easy to use and the support team has been phenomenal. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Evan Harris,
Co-founder, Peppy Health

Your implementation support calls

Your Success Manager will introduce you to one of our SDD team members. In your first month or so with us, they’ll help you:

  • Get to know our platform
  • Scope out your ISMS project
  • Make a start on ISO 27001.

You calls with them will help you:

  • Understand our Assured Results Method for first time ISO 27001 success
  • Learn about and start using our risk and asset management systems
  • Complete ISO 27001 Clause 4, which helps you think through:
    • Your organisation’s business context
    • Any internal or external issues that might affect your ISMS
    • Who needs to know about it and how to keep them in the loop
    • What and who your ISMS will protect
  • Answer any questions specific to your organisation

That’ll help you build a firm foundation for your ISMS.

Your Success Manager sessions

Once your ISMS project is up and running, your Success Manager can check in on a regular basis. They’ll make sure you’re happy with everything we’re doing for you. And if you need more help from within or beyond our organisation, they’ll help you find it.

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