Top 5 Information Security Podcasts to Follow

Why only five? Because we’re all about keeping things simple here at

Information security is a busy calling. Keeping up with security news whilst staying abreast of recent incidents and threats can be a time consuming business. Give your tired eyes a break and let your ears pick up the slack with our top five information security podcasts to follow in 2020.

Why only five? We’re all about keeping things simple here at You’re bound to find something to capture your imagination from this mix of industry icons, award winners and classic double acts.


The Human Factor Security Podcast



Jenny Radcliffe refers to social engineers such as herself as the zombies of the hacker community because “they’re primarily interested in brains”. Jenny acknowledges what can sometimes be an uncomfortable truth, that people are usually the weakest link when it comes to information security. It’s not hard to see why The Human Factor won ‘Best European Security Podcast 2018-2019’. It’s full of personality. The recent ‘The Lockdown Diaries’ – comprising of light-hearted interviews with infosec and cyber professionals about how Covid-19 has adjusted the way they work – are particularly enjoyable. Featuring guests from here in the UK, as well as from across the pond, The Human Factor Security Podcast should be at the top of your listening list.

Smashing Security


We’re big fans of Graham Cluely here at and not just because he keeps us giggling with some brilliant tweets. It’s because he really knows his stuff. Graham has been fighting cybercrime since the early 1990s. He and the fabulous, equally insightful and amusing Carole Theriault chat with special guests about cybercrime, hacking and online privacy. The self-described ‘helpful and hilarious take on the week’s tech snafus’ is always fascinating. You’ll have to look hard to find infosec focused content that’s funnier or more engaging. It’s no surprise Smashing Security won ‘Best Security Podcast 2018’ and ‘Best Security Podcast 2019’. With over four million downloads under their belt, Carole and Graham have got the formula spot on.

Security Now


This weekly podcast by US duo Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte turns fifteen years old this month! Unsurprisingly, the Security Now hosts have some serious infosec credentials behind them. Steve is the man who coined the term ‘spyware’ and created the first anti-spyware programme. Leo is a broadcaster, tech pundit and founder of TWit Netcast Network. With an approximate run time of two hours, each episode starts with security news before turning its focus on a singular theme. Gibson and Laporte discuss everything from security vulnerabilities, firewalls, password security, spyware, rootkits, Wi-Fi, virtual private networks and virtual machines. For expert critical analysis of the big stories of the moment, you should look no further than Security Now.

Risky Business


Time to head down under for our favourite infosec listen from the antipodes. Risky Business is another podcast that benefits from the experience of its host and the length of time it’s been running (it was established in 2007). With a comfortable average episode time at just under an hour, this podcast, once named “the security industry’s most informative” by Wired, is a must-listen. The host, award-winning journalist Patrick Gray, delivers a weekly digest of news and ‘in-depth commentary from security industry luminaries’. His history as a journalist at ZDNet shines through as he interrogates the security topics of the moment. With monthly downloads at around 180 thousand, it’s unlikely you’ll find Patrick reverting to sliding around in his socks anytime soon.

IT Pro Podcast


OK, while not solely infosec or cybersecurity related IT Pro’s podcast delivers a fantastic balance of all things relevant to today’s busy IT professional. Every week co-hosts Adam Shepherd and Jane McCallion deliver expert insight into the biggest news stories of the past seven days. The format has changed in recent months from simply news to taking deeper dive topics with special guests and the fresh take really works. Episode 40 ‘Going from startup to scale-up’ really resonated with us as that’s our current mood. But for those of you with security on your mind, episode 38 ‘The psychology of security’ is an engaging and informative listen.