How Clekt became ISO 27001 certified in just over six months

Modern organisations never stop generating data. Clekt pulls that endless flow of information apart, focussing and analysing it. Their team helps their customers design and implement their data strategies, so they can make better decisions about their supply chain, their products and services, and their own customers.

That makes information security very important for them. They needed to create an ISMS and achieve ISO 27001 certification to:
  • Enter new markets and win larger customers
  • Safeguard their customers’ data and their own intellectual property
  • Manage access to their online resources
  • Make sure their people understood the importance of infosec
Our platform helped them achieve certification on their first attempt, just over six months after signing up with us. Now they’re looking at how they’ll build on that achievement.

Why Clekt chose

Clekt were managing their GDPR compliance in a spreadsheet-based system that they’d created themselves. But they’d started to see the limits of that. We showed them how our platform could accelerate them to ISO 27001 certification and beyond.

“When we started the ISO27001 certification process, we wanted it to be as seamless as possible. We really wanted our solution to be cloud based, not paper based or running on a variety of spreadsheets. We looked at some other ISO 27001 software and had a demo with, we thought their platform was very much best suited to our approach.”

Claudia Hesleden, Head of Operations, Clekt

How we helped Clekt achieve ISO 27001

Clekt signed up for our standard ISMS package, which includes our:

  • Assured Results Method, which lays out a clear, tried-and-tested path to first time ISO 27001 certification success
  • Adopt / Adapt / Add Content, which starts you out with 77% of your ISMS’ documentation already complete

“Throughout the process of onboarding the team were extremely helpful in getting us set up and talking through the platform layout. Don’t get us wrong, ISO 270001 is a bit of a handful when you’re starting off, but and its ease of use really helped here.”

Jess Cray, Ops & Systems Manager, Clekt

Help and support from our platform

The Clekt team added on our Virtual Coach, which gives you 24/7 context-specific help and support.

“We found the Virtual Coach to be a great starter for ten when it came to understanding the requirements of each ISO 27001 Annex. It provided food for thought, and also gave a lot of examples that could be used.”

After a few weeks they realised they needed our Supply Chain Accounts module too.

“The Supply Chain Accounts module was a big factor in our success, as it helped us have a platform to monitor all our suppliers and customers in one place. The ability to track contracts and set “to do’s” against each account is something that’s now become part of our everyday business processes.”

And they drew on our standard suite of bespoke tools and utilities.

“The linking of risks, assets and controls across the platform made it really easy to understand which assets we were trying to protect, the risks of not protecting each asset and the control we’d put in place to Treat, Tolerate or Transfer each risk. It provided vital evidence for the audit and made it really easy to navigate the auditor around our ISMS and show them our overall approach to information security.

The tracking feature for assets, corrective actions, access controls and security incidents also made it super easy to track these things in the same place. We could highly customise the to suit our approach, which was great. It was like a spreadsheet just in one place with the ability to link everything together.”

Help and support from our people

The team came to us whenever they needed a hand. Like all our customers, they could live chat to us from within our platform.

“The support chat was one of our favourite pieces. Normally support chats are automated and unhelpful. But we can safely say we wouldn’t have got through without Kayleigh on the other end to answer our questions. Although virtual she was very much part of our team and would go above and beyond to help us out, even if sometimes we probably asked the obvious. She really was vital in getting us through our ISO 27001 certification.”

Achieving ISO 27001 certification

Clekt began their ISO 27001 journey in April 2020. They achieved certification that November. Now they’re thinking about how to manage and evolve their ISMS over the next three years, ready for their recertification in 2023. They’re also looking at how they can use our platform to help and support their own customers.

Everyone we helped go for an ISO 27001 audit passed first time. You could too.