The characteristics of a good technology solution for your ISMS

A good ISMS technology solution should be right at the heart of the ISMS.

When combined with the people involved, the whole ISMS is much more easily trusted by those stakeholders. Technology can not only help to address Confidence, Capacity and Capability issues for the people involved, it will speed time to success, improve visibility, ease coordination, reduce risk and lower the total cost of ownership.

It also helps any external experts you bring in focus on the more specific and challenging parts of your solution.

At a time when it has never been easier or cheaper to throw up a wiki page, build a website, market a service or cobble some code together to solve part of the problem, it is also important to carefully consider what good looks like from a technology solution.

The best ISMS technology solution will meet 10 characteristics that should be considered when selecting ISMS software.

This list, coupled with the more specific work to get done (as outlined earlier) then becomes your checklist from which to determine whether you should consider building or buying. It is also the specification from which to compare technology solutions on the market.

We’re more affordable than you’d think

The key considerations when building the business case for an ISMS?

We’re more affordable than you’d think