Information asset inventory management

Managing your assets securely within

Having a central place for your information asset portfolio enables clear understanding and assessment of risks. Connecting your assets with the rest of your ISMS lets you easily identify and assign asset responsibility to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that ISO 27001 requires. enables this in a simple, secure and sustainable way to ensure you can stay on top of your information asset inventory and the rest of your ISMS, all in one place.

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Creating your information asset inventory

  • Save time with our pre-configured information asset inventory specifically set up for ISO 27001
  • Add, update and import existing assets effortlessly
  • Customise the tool to meet the specific requirements of your organisation
  • Create relationships within your ISMS by linking together assets, risks and controls
  • Align with operational asset management tools to ensure a joined up approach

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Coordinate asset ownership and responsibility

  • Manage your assets in one secure, shared work space
  • Easily define and control who has access to your asset inventory
  • Our simple tools and policies make asset management easy to understand for everyone in your implementation team
  • Get clarity on ownership and responsibilities with clear work ownership and due dates

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Controlling your information asset inventory

  • Simply organise your information assets by type, classification and primary location
  • Assign the right people to input and review information about your assets and easily track progress
  • Identify priorities based on the risk and financial value of your assets
  • Track activity around your information assets through time stamps and your live updates feed
  • Ensure asset information is kept up to date with review reminders, email notifications and tasking assigned to key team members

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Communicating with your team and external parties

  • Visualise how your ISMS links together with the ISMS overview report
  • Ensure your team remains on top of asset management with tasking and reminder notifications
  • Keep all stakeholders informed through integrated dashboard reports and automated alerts

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Working in a sustainable management system is a sustainable environment and will facilitate the evolution of your organisation.

  • Integrate new standards as you grow and evolve
  • Easily connect your information asset inventory to other standards
  • For example: Show how you meet GDPR requirements by demonstrating you have connected personal data with processing assets and the risks associated to them

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Security and privacy

No matter the standards or regulations you’re working towards, it’s likely to involve storing important information. It’s key that you’re able to trust where your content and documentation is stored and that it ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity. prides itself in providing an easily accessible solution, whilst maintaining high levels of security, assuring peace of mind. See our security credentials here.

Our practical user permission controls and privacy settings also allow you to restrict who has access to your documentation.

Information assets for ISO 27001

We’ve aligned our ISMS solution with ISO 27001, meaning that the platform is centered around meeting the requirements of the standard.

  • Satisfy requirements 10.1 and 10.2 for corrective actions and improvements
  • Stay on top of your audits and reviews with a visual snapshot which you can also show to your auditor to demonstrate your compliance


Functionality available within the Policies and Controls feature area

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