Interested parties management

Meet interested parties requirements within

Interested party management is a requirement of many ISO standards. Identifying and managing the expectations of your interested parties will be fundamental to your success. offers a secure and simple approach to this. Start by using our interested parties bank, which provides a list of common interested parties that you can add at the click of a button. Once interested parties are added, you can assign responsibility and keep them up to date through review dates and reminders. Working in one place keeps things simple, giving you a clear overview that helps you make informed decisions.

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Identifying and mapping your interested parties

  • Get a head start with our pre-configured processes and tools for managing your interested parties
  • Record ‘power’ and ‘interest’ levels which are then automatically mapped to highlight where to allocate resources
  • Easily identify how much support you’re giving to interested parties and where you need to take steps to improve it
  • Save time by selecting typical interested parties from our interested parties bank

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Collaborating with interested party owners

  • Enable a seamless approach by managing all interested parties in one place
  • Easily team in the right people who are responsible for managing them

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Controlling your interested parties in

  • Demonstrate a full audit trail of everything in your management system including interested parties
  • Ensure they are kept up to date with reminders and email notifications

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Communicating with your team and external parties

  • Easily share interested parties with your implementation team, as well as external parties such as auditors
  • Export information around your interested parties where required

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Working in a sustainable information security management system is a sustainable environment and will facilitate the evolution of your organisation.

  • Integrate new standards as you grow and evolve
  • Easily add more interested parties as you extend your management system and link them to other standards
  • Keep things simple by using one interested parties map for all standards or create separate ones for each. is flexible to work for you

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Security and privacy

No matter the standards or regulations you’re working towards, it’s likely to involve storing important information. It’s key that you’re able to trust where your content and documentation is stored and that it ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity. prides itself in providing an easily accessible solution, whilst maintaining high levels of security, assuring peace of mind. See our security credentials here.

Our practical user permission controls and privacy settings also allow you to restrict who has access to your documentation.

Interested parties for ISO 27001

We’ve aligned our ISMS solution with ISO 27001, meaning that the platform is centered around meeting the requirements of the standard.

  • Get a head start with requirement 4.2 by utilising our adopt, adapt, add content
  • Receive guidance and practical examples with our virtual coach videos and training materials, available 24/7


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