Mapping and linking work

Integrating your management system within

Your management system needs to work for you, helping you make informed decisions and deliver efficient progress. saves you time and effort by replacing static documents and spreadsheets with a slick all-in-one-place solution. Here you can link all areas of work together and track progress. That makes demonstrating relationships to auditors and other stakeholders, and identifying gaps to prioritise, much easier.

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Creating links between work

  • Stay informed by creating two way links between different areas of your management system
  • Remain connected with the ability to link to external pages too

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Collaborating with stakeholders in

  • Keep every stakeholder informed by keeping all work in one place
  • Organise your work by grouping key areas
  • Find and manage work easily with our simple navigation

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Controlling and reporting on your management system

  • Keep on top of all elements of your management system with defined review dates and automatic reminders
  • Prioritise resources and make decisions based on relationships
  • Use dynamic reporting to visualise your progress and make more informed decisions

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Communicating relationships with stakeholders

  • Give your team clear visibility of relationships with simple user permissions
  • Easily export information from your management system to share with stakeholders

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Working in a sustainable management system is a sustainable environment and will facilitate the evolution of your organisation.

  • Effortlessly update links over time to demonstrate how relationships build as your management system evolves
  • Save time when working on new standards or regulations by linking to work you have already done

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Security and privacy

No matter the standards or regulations you’re working towards, it’s likely to involve storing important information. It’s key that you’re able to trust where your content and documentation is stored and that it ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity. prides itself in providing an easily accessible solution, whilst maintaining high levels of security, assuring peace of mind. See our security credentials here.

Our practical user permission controls and privacy settings also allow you to restrict who has access to your documentation.

Mapping and linking for ISO 27001

We’ve aligned our ISMS solution with ISO 27001, meaning that the platform is centered around meeting the requirements of the standard.

  • Easily link together your assets, risks and controls to demonstrate relationships to you auditor
  • Visualise progress across your whole ISMS, in one place with the ISMS overview report


Functionality available within the Policies and Controls feature area

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Platform features

Disconnected templates and toolkits supported by an expensive consultant just don’t cut it anymore. You need an ISMS that works for you both now and as your business grows.