Support policy

The following terms detail Alliantist’s support policy for customers of, Alliantist’s powerful cloud software service. The terms provided here are Alliantist’s sole terms for service and support of (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Customer).

Alliantist reserves the right to make changes to the terms of this support policy at any time. Changes will become effective as soon as they are posted. If the customer continues to use after the posting of changes to this support policy, it means that the customer accepts any such changes.

  1. is a web-based business application generally available 24 x 7 x 365, with expected availability of 99.5% in any one month except for scheduled maintenance (scheduled outside of normal Business Hours) or for reasons beyond Alliantist’s control.
  2. Definitions of Levels of Support:
    1. 1st Level Support – shall include providing general product information, user account management; providing basic support on the standard features; providing regular problem resolution status reports to customer’s users; diagnosing problems via the telephone and e-mail.
    2. 2nd Level Support – shall include resolving the majority of misconfigurations; troubleshooting and problem isolation; providing simulation to reproduce problems; documenting complete steps to reproduce a problem.
    3. 3rd Level Support – Maintenance including the fixing or generating workarounds for software bugs and troubleshooting bugs that were not resolved during 2nd Level Support.
  3. Customer is responsible for providing 1st Level Support and 2nd Level Support to its customer and partner users.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, Alliantist will provide 3rd Level Support to the customer administrators.
  5. Adoption, training and coaching sessions shall be provided by Alliantist to the Customer for the number of sessions as set out in the Proposal. For the avoidance of doubt, such sessions shall be aimed at accelerating time to benefit for the organisation on user specific activity and enabling the Customer with such knowledge and skill which are sufficient for the Customer to provide the 1st Level Support and the 2nd Level Support pursuant to the terms set out herein.
  6. Service support definitions:
    1. “Severity Level 1” means operational problems attributed to, which cause down-time, non-responsiveness, or system errors to all users.
    2. “Severity Level 2” means operational problems attributed to, which cause material degradation of system performance to isolated users.
    3. “Severity Level 3” means all functionality is available in, but there are cosmetic errors, documentation errors or enhancement requests.
    4. “Response Time” means the time elapsed to contact customer after a service request has been received by Alliantist.
    5. “Business Hour” means any hour between 09:00 and 18:00 GMT on weekdays in the UK, excluding UK public holidays.
  7. All issues will be logged by the customer administrator or a Registered User either via the support chat feature or through emailing: A telephone help desk is also available on +44 1273 041 140 which offers support to administrators and within reason, other registered users who come direct and want simple queries addressed.
  8. Alliantist will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond promptly to all relevant technical support requests from customer. This support includes:
    1. internet based issue logging
    2. telephone technical support in Business Hours to customer’s administrators
    3. quarterly incident/activity reports;
    4. delivery of updates and upgrades based on the subscribed services set out in the order form (Alliantist shall determine the timing and frequency of update and upgrade deliveries);
  9. Guaranteed Response Times, subject to the Service Level described as follows:
    1. Severity Level 1: 1 Business Hour
    2. Severity Level 2: 4 Business Hours
    3. Severity Level 3: 8 Business Hours
  10. Customer acknowledges that successful performance of these support services shall require customer to cooperate with Alliantist in good faith and to provide information as may be requested from time to time. Customer agrees to provide such good faith cooperation and information.
  11. For UK Government customers understand that staff with the appropriate security clearance can only deal with issues relating to Official Sensitive level data. It is the customer’s responsibility to highlight if an issue relates to Official Sensitive data, at which time it is understood that the issue may be redirected to another member of Alliantist staff with the appropriate clearance.


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