London Digital Security Centre Adopts Innovative GDPR Solution

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Alliantist is pleased to announce that the London Digital Security Centre is taking the new GDPR management solution to demonstrate its own credentials towards the new regulation.

In less than nine months the European General Data Protection Regulation replaces the existing UK Data Protection Act on 25th May 2018. The need for compliance readiness is something all organisations, large and small, will be more than aware of.

Whilst the threat of increased fines for non-compliance will be driving many of them, responsible organisations will be embracing the regulations as an opportunity to better protect employee and customer data and reduce the risk of cybercrime and fraud.

In response to the impending regulatory requirements, software and services firm Alliantist has developed a GDPR solution to help organisations of all sizes, from micro to large enterprise, get a head start with their GDPR preparations and meet the looming compliance deadline.

The new solution complements the existing information security frameworks, tools, and policies that already exist within the secure cloud platform.  It also makes ongoing management of GDPR compliance very simple, whether you want to develop an approach that brings alive the ICO data protection toolkit, or align much more closely with specific regulatory requirements for data controllers and processors.

Alliantist is a member of the London Digital Security Centre partner programme and also delivers the infrastructure from which the member services are managed.  As such the Centre has played a pivotal role in helping to shape the latest offering, with the GDPR requirements and competence of SME’s at various levels of maturity in mind.

John Unsworth, Chief Executive of the London Digital Security Centre, commented,

“We have a goal to help our members protect their organisations but also to safeguard victims against cybercrime and fraud. That also means data protection in line with the ICO guidance, and GDPR compliance is going to be critical for the survival of SME’s who control or process personal data, which of course is most of them.

As a digital security organisation, it is important that we demonstrate we practise what we preach, and the ISMS secure cloud platform is helping us with this too.”

Mark Darby, CEO of Alliantist, the cloud software firm behind commented

“Alliantist has a strong background in equipping others to get work done well. Data protection and privacy like information security is important, yet not always easily achievable without very expensive specialist investments.

GDPR is also great from a regulatory perspective to help protect personal information but we know many organisations are going to struggle to demonstrate their compliance and leave themselves or their customers at risk. Its why we have introduced this new solution.

With our safeguarding and broader justice heritage, alongside running a small organisation ourselves, we take a protection and pragmatism approach. This approach supports organisations to achieve compliance and run their business how they want to.

They can avoid falling foul of regulatory requirements and, more importantly, do the practical stuff easily to protect Personally_identifiable_information”>Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to mitigate organisational risk and protect the potential victims of identity crime.”