Mark Darby

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ISO 27001 Simplified: Assured Results Method (ARM) Guide

One of the most common questions organisations that are new to information security management ask is ‘where do I start with ISO 27001:2013?’ To achieve independent certification of the internationally recognised standard, there are about 140 things to complete. Some take 2 minutes, and others can take days or weeks, depending on the starting point and complexity of the organisation. So it’s no wonder that busy individuals might feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do – and the order to do it in – while optimising resource, cost and risk.

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Let’s help the government Excel

The UK government’s data management during the pandemic has received a lot of bad press. However, valuable lessons are being learned.

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Information Security Risk Management Explained – ISO 27001

Risk management is an often used phrase in business today.  However without having a consistent interpretation of what it means and how to do it effectively, that creates risk in itself!

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Why is Line of Duty a bit like Information Security Management and ISO 27001?

After a busy week I need to decompress so in addition to cycling, I binge watch TV shows with my wife. We recently started to watch Line of Duty Season 5 but very quickly my wife became disengaged and lost interest in the programme. She was messaging her parents who also became less interested so … Continued

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