Safely move on from COVID-19

Mark Darby

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Investing in cyber security can float all our boats

The UK government’s recent budget offered some very practical help for Covid-hit SMEs. They’ve extended the furlough and business rates holiday schemes for specific sectors, and announced a brand new… Keep reading >

Let’s help the government Excel

The UK government’s data management during the pandemic has received a lot of bad press. However, valuable lessons are being learned. Keep reading >

Information Security Risk Management Explained – ISO 27001

Risk management is an often used phrase in business today.  However without having a consistent interpretation of what it means and how to do it effectively, that creates risk in… Keep reading >

Why is Line of Duty a bit like Information Security Management and ISO 27001?

After a busy week I need to decompress so in addition to cycling, I binge watch TV shows with my wife. We recently started to watch Line of Duty Season… Keep reading >