How ISO 27001 certification simplified Viital’s sales process

Viital creates digital, immersive and interactive environments that help its customers showcase their products, services and educational content. So its platform can handle some very sensitive content. That means information security’s becoming ever more important to it, right from the start of the sales process.

“Our prospective customers are predominantly blue chip companies that have very strict information security requirements for their suppliers. So being ISO 27001 certified makes the procurement process easier for both parties.” Peter Risdon, Viital CISO

We first started talking with Peter in August 2020. With our help Viital achieved full certification in April 2021. Along the way Peter and his colleagues built up a very in-depth, practical understanding of both ISO 27001 and ISMSs in general.

“Your people gave top quality service, going above and beyond. Many thanks to everyone at”

Why Viital chose us

Viital really liked our platform. Peter and his colleagues particularly appreciated how sustainable it makes ISO 27001 certification. That helped them see it as a long-term investment in information security, rather than just a one-off fire-and-forget solution.

“We chose because it’s a very well designed solution that would help us efficiently manage the ISMS and therefore increase the likelihood of maintaining certification as our business grows.”

The help and support that comes with it was also very important to them. Like many of our customers, they’d achieved the infosec basics but weren’t sure how to build on them. They knew that we’d be there to guide them through that process and more.

“One of the selling points was the physical help and support from your experts, plus a sanity check throughout.”

They also signed up for our optional Virtual Coach, which provides 24/7 context-specific ISO 27001 support. And of course they could draw on our Assured Results Method. It’s freely available to all our customers. We’ve carefully designed it to accelerate any size or type of organisation to first time ISO 27001 compliance or certification success.

And there’s one thing we always emphasise. Information security’s as much about people as technology. So Peter chose to draw on our Policy Packs feature. It helped him share relevant policies with each of his colleagues, making sure they all clearly understood their infosec responsibilities and complied with Viital’s ISMS.

How we accelerated Viital to ISO 27001

We worked closely with Peter and his team throughout the ISO 27001 process. They commissioned an initial, friendly external audit of their ISMS. We helped them work through the implications of that audit, then carried out their first internal audit.

And of course our platform kept them on their toes.

“The scheduled notifications are very useful, as they help us keep on top of things.”

That set them up for their Stage 1 ISMS audit. It’s the first external part of the ISMS certification process. All their preparation paid off and it went very well.

“We passed our stage 1 audit with only two opportunities for improvement and no nonconformities. Thank you and the team at ISMS Online for all your help and support, we would not have been able to do it without you guys.”

That led straight on to their successful Stage 2 audit, which was also a great success. They achieved full ISO 27001 certification in April 2021.

What’s next for Viital

Our platform’s helping Viital maintain and improve its ISO 27001 certification. Peter and his team are also looking at our Privacy Information Management System, to help them with ISO 27701 and GDPR compliance.

Having the certification has also smoothed out Viital’s sales process. Our platform’s playing an important role there too. It’s so simple and transparent that it makes it easy for Viital to show potential customers just how seriously it takes information security.

Everyone we helped go for an ISO 27001 audit passed first time. You could too.