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Our simplified, secure, sustainable platform will help you turn your industry experience and infosec know-how into a cost-efficient, highly effective:

Your new management systems will deliver much better outcomes with much less administrative time and effort. Improved reporting will help you make better decisions. And it’ll be much easier to show the real business value of your past and future achievements.

See all the platform features that’ll complement your expertise

Our cloud-based, all-in-one-place platform has everything you need to:

  • Build an ISMS, PIMS or BCMS tailored to your organisation and its needs
  • Bring two or more systems together in a time-saving, cost-effective IMS
  • Customise the features you need and leave out the ones you don’t
  • Create organisation or industry-specific tools and processes.


So you can:

  • Bring down costs while increasing efficiency
  • Focus on high-value delivery instead of admin drudgery
  • Simplify the compliance process for your staff and other stakeholders
  • Turn your management system knowhow into increased ROI
  • Show you’re spending less to get more

Our system’s affordable. Our pricing’s transparent. You’ll find it easy to calculate a clear ROI on your investment. That’ll simplify your budgets and help you show real cost savings.

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  • Get full oversight all in one place

    Our flexible dashboard helps you instantly evaluate your management systems’ status and progress, simplifying important decisions and supporting continuous improvement.

  • Simplify without losing depth

    Bring all the different tools, templates, spreadsheets and documents you’ve already developed into one single system, without losing any of their depth or efficiency.

  • Make fast, efficient, easily-tracked progress

    You can set project paths, deadlines and automated reminders for your users, motivating them, making their progress easy to track and cutting rework costs.

We’re cost-effective and quick. That’ll boost your ROI.
  • Drive down the cost of reminding and reporting

    Reduce your team’s admin and reworking costs by creating dynamic reports and reminders for your users. Sharing timely, focused data will help them make better decisions too.

  • Cut your knowledge transfer and training time

    Our platform simplifies sharing your infosec knowledge with your admins and using it to drive user adoption and compliance. And it’s easy to measure who’s seen and understood what.

  • Create custom tools to boost compliance

    You can create dynamic, easy-to-use staff and supply chain engagement mechanisms that will drive and help you show increased compliance across your user base.

See how simple it is with
  • Make collaboration simple and cost-effective

    The internal and external collaboration features embedded in our platform cut coordination and sharing costs, and help you avoid gaps or duplication across multiple systems.

  • Avoid complexity for its own sake

    Our all-in-one system’s fully modular. So you can choose what you need to use and set everything else aside, making life easier for you, your team and your users.

  • Free up your tech admin time

    Our solution’s cloud-based, so we’ll handle all the infrastructure admin details for you. If you run into any problems, our Success Management Team will fix them straight away.

  • Be certain that we’re robust and secure

    You’ll hold valuable information on our platform. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is how secure it is. Our credentials will give you all the confidence you need. is a fantastic product. I’ve done ISO 27001 the hard way… so I really value how much time it saved us in achieving our UKAS ISO 27001 certification, and how much easier and more effective the ongoing management will be too
Carl Vaughan
Information Security Officer
We were really excited to discover the additional value we can drive from the platform. It was an unexpected bonus that we could use its great tools to enhance our HR processes, carry out other projects and change management work.
Clive Madden
Information Security & Risk Director is helping us improve and expand our existing ISMS to include SOC2 Trust Services Criteria. The available compliance standards, documentation, and tools, all work together in unison to assist workflow intuitively and with great guidance. We’re using the tool for collaboration and oversight and the linking of related objects across the ISMS keeps everything ‘joined-up’ and easy to navigate.
Rens Van Dongen
Security Officer


Why should a security expert use

Perhaps you’re under cost pressure. Maybe your current ISMS is confusing your users and taking up too much of you and your team’s capacity and time. Or else it’s just not keeping up with your expertise. Our platform will help you overcome all of those challenges and more. It will help you achieve your chosen standards and make maintaining them easier and more cost-effective.

Which frameworks and regulations can I use?

We can help you with ISO 27001 and many others, including GDPR, ISO 22301 (BCMS), NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT), NIST Cyber Security and NIST 800-171. It’s easy to add your own frameworks too. Find out more on our other standards and regulations page.

Can I use my own policies and controls?

Yes. You can copy and paste them directly into your framework, or you can upload a document summarising them. Either way, you’ll have a full audit trail of date, time and revisions. You can also set automated policy reminders and alerts for review.

How secure is supports two factor authentication and SSO. We’re ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. To find out more, take a look at our credentials page.

Can you give me a hands-on demo?

We’d be very happy to walk you through our system and show you how it can showcase your knowhow. Just book a time and we’ll look forward to seeing you then. Click here to book your demo.