Meet Luke Dash, our new Chief Revenue Officer

The right solution to any problem is only actually useful if the right people know you have it and understand how it can help them. That’s something we’re very aware of. So we’ve appointed Luke Dash as our Chief Revenue Officer. He’s going to help us reach more customers more effectively with our infosec, privacy and business continuity solution.

A little bit more about Luke

Luke came to us from a Sales Director role at Lead Forensics. He’ll help us get even better at showing organisations how can help them achieve their information security and privacy goals. With him having more than a decade of experience leading teams and driving large scale growth for digital businesses, that’s something he knows a lot about.

Mark Darby, CEO of and founder of our parent company Alliantist, said:

“The global governance risk and compliance market is massive. It’ll only grow as threats increase and forward-looking organisations recognise that a demonstrably strong information security posture is the key to good business. Luke’s appointment is a pivotal point in our expansion plans. We’re also looking at additional product development and further penetration into multiple markets.”

Luke’s a great match for us

As someone with very practical experience of governance, risk and compliance, Luke fits right into our very practical culture. He thinks it’s a great time to join the company:

“With its unique combination of a flexible platform and optional service wrap is clearly a leading light in the SaaS governance, risk and compliance space. It’s a proven product in early scaleup and it has a strong founder team and funding from Sussex investment firm Cow Corner behind it. It’s a really exciting time to join the business.”

His global experience will support and boost our global presence. We often work with in-market partners that either:

  • Recommend the platform as a standalone solution
  • Deliver their services to their clients inside and alongside the platform

He’ll help us grow that side of our business too.

The practical roots of our practical culture was born out of its parent company Alliantist’s urgent need to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Using its own existing software infrastructure, Mark Darby and his team developed a powerful all-in-one-place information security management system.

That was the foundation for the platform. Our customers can now use it to manage a wide range of standards and regulations, including:

  • ISO 27001 for information security
  • ISO 27701, BS 10012, GDPR, POPIA for privacy management
  • ISO 22301 for business continuity

And of course our platform can cover many other standards and regulations. In short, we make sure that our customers can securely and collaboratively manage their compliance and business continuity in real-time, in the cloud.