The ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability made simple

If you have ever done ISO 27001 before, or are some way into your implementation, you’ll know that the Statement of Applicability (SoA) can be a pain point! External auditors get very excited about this part of the ISMS. It’s easy to fail their expectations as well as waste a huge amount of time in administering and updating it with old fashioned methods offering little real benefit in your day to day operations. is different.

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Creating the Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001

  • Link assets and risks to controls
  • Automatically create the SoA
  • Demonstrate controls applicability at the click of a button

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Collaborating for SOA effectiveness

  • Easily work with others on the impact of the SoA not the administration of it
  • Determine where to focus training and awareness efforts easily by connecting up to Policy Packs

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Controlling your SOA is easy with

  • As policy and control applicability changes, it automatically updates the SoA
  • Version and audit controls with records management shows the history of changes in each policy & control area

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Communicating the SOA impresses experts

  • Always on SoA reporting shows dynamic compliance for senior management confidence
  • Integration into the ISMS overview reports enables deeper understanding of the ISMS performance
  • Easily exportable and printed options to impress and share with external auditors (if they are not logged in)

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Working in a sustainable management system is a sustainable environment and will facilitate the evolution of your organisation.

  • Add in frameworks and standards as you grow and evolve
  • Create multiple risk maps with individual methodologies

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Disconnected templates and toolkits supported by an expensive consultant just don’t cut it anymore. You need an ISMS that works for you both now and as your business grows.