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Information security consultancy gives the thumbs-up

It’s always great to receive feedback on a newly launched product and we couldn’t have been more pleased when Blueprint IS in Australia picked-up our press-release and made contact.

Blueprint IS is an information security consultancy based in Melbourne. It provides specialist advice and support organisations, large and small, on how best to protect their valuable information and how to implement information security strategies that will work for their business.

Many organisations are sensitive to the growing risks associated with cyber security and understand the need to implement a strong Information Security Management System (ISMS). More and more are finding the need to gain ISO 27001 accreditation essential to enable them to be considered for tender and sales opportunities.

Blueprint IS director, Jake Smith, is an expert in his field but, more than that, he is clearly ahead of the game, saying he likes to stay on top of market developments that could be beneficial for his customers. “Gaining and maintaining ISO 27001 accreditation is tough and there are so few good tools out there to help. Most of my customers are using Word and Excel, maybe some using shared folder systems, but this doesn’t allow for the scheduling of tasks and creating of alerts and it doesn’t make it easy to monitor incidents and identify trends”. 

So, what did Jake think of his demo?

I think we can safely say he was impressed.

“I like the built in frameworks which, unlike other systems I have seen, give the flexibility to create an organisation’s own tailored policies and controls whilst still meeting any compliance requirements.”

“The linking functionality is great and will save stacks of time in cross-referencing documents. I can see that really gives you an integrated and holistic ISMS that actually has other business benefits over and above just the ISMS.” Jake was referring, in particular, to the fact that SME’s and other organisations could even manage the HR lifecycle through, just as we have done as an SME ourselves.

We’d like to thank BlueprintIS. It’s good to have connected with you Jake, and to have your excellent feedback!

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