What is the PCI : DSS and does my organisation need it?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI : DSS for Protecting Payment Card Data

The PCI DSS is regulated by the global organisation, PCI Security Standards Council. This information security standard is designed to protect personal data related to payment cards and purchases made online or in person and covers the technical and operational aspects of your organisation’s processes.

Essentially, PCI DSS is a requirement for any organisation or sole trader that stores, processes, and/or transmits credit or debit cardholder data.

Achieving PCI DSS compliance helps to reduce card fraud and demonstrates to your customers that you can be trusted with their personal data. The ISMS.online software contains a clear framework for you to follow the steps to payment card compliance, and of course, keep it maintained.

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The PCI DSS framework in ISMS.online

PCI DSS using ISMS.online