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ISO 27001 business continuity plan

Ensuring continuity of business operations

Our business continuity plan will help you to easily meet requirement A.17 of ISO 27001. This ensures staff know their roles and responsibilities so that you’re prepared in the event of an unexpected incident. Linking your business continuity plan up with the rest of your ISMS means you can keep it in focus with the rest of your ISO 27001 deliverables.

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Creating your business continuity plan

  • Save time with our pre-configured proven business continuity plan
  • Easily update and edit notes as you go for a seamless experience
  • Simply upload any supporting documents to keep everything in one place

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Collaborating with stakeholders in

  • Coordinate all activity around your business continuity and wider management system, in one secure location
  • Easily team those in who are responsible for business continuity

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Controlling your business continuity

  • Link with other areas of your management system for a seamless approach
  • Assign responsibility to team members
  • Set review reminders to keep your business continuity plan up to date

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Communicating around business continuity

  • Hold discussions with team members on the platform and link them back to your business continuity plan
  • Track status and stay informed through dynamic progress reporting
  • Easily export information to share with other stakeholders if you need to

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Why not take your business continuity further and ensure continuity of business operations by achieving ISO 22301 certification or compliance

ISO 22301 certification or compliance enables you to:

  • Protect company assets and ensure continuity of operations
  • Increase competitive advantage and enhance corporate reputation
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Get an independent assessment of your security posture

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Security and privacy

No matter the standards or regulations you’re working towards, it’s likely to involve storing important information. It’s key that you’re able to trust where your content and documentation is stored and that it ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity. prides itself in providing an easily accessible solution, whilst maintaining high levels of security, assuring peace of mind. See our security credentials here.

Our practical user permission controls and privacy settings also allow you to restrict who has access to your documentation.


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