ISMS Business Case Builder – Build or Buy – Considering the Best Way to Achieve ISMS Success

An ISMS is for life, not just for Christmas, so adopt a sustainable approach.

What is the best way to achieve ISMS success?

We have considered the threats & opportunities, where benefits might arise, and the stakeholder’s expectations from the ISMS. That has led to the ISMS deliverables and what work needs to get done as part of the solution.

As long as the organisation is serious about security and goes beyond the tick-box mentality It is probably clear by now that doing nothing is not an option. The RoI is high whichever implementation path is taken. It is now time to consider the best way to achieve the goals and how to put in place the ISMS itself.

As part of business case cost building it’s generally a build versus buy options analysis. Like the benefits / return analysis earlier this investment consideration can be done at whatever level is required for the organisation to feel confident about its decision. In the next section we look at factors to consider in build versus buy decision making.

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Build your business case for an ISMS

The key considerations when building the business case for an ISMS?

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