GDPR Regulation Requirements Based Framework

The route to GDPR for a large organisation can be more in-depth. Here you will follow the actual GDPR requirements, including collaboration & Approvals Workspaces, all in our cloud software.

We have distilled the 181 requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation into just 123 Activities for you to work through on
Ensure the complexities of your large organisation are taken into account with this detailed framework.

See how simple it is with

The GDPR Potential of

We’re just scratching the surface with some of the features and solutions that you can achieve with But let’s start with its potential to get your GDPR work off the ground.

A meaningful workflow

Much of the power of stems from its ability to let you demonstrate, through your documentation, your regulatory compliance.

Work from a clear Framework, add your own polices & documents, or choose from our optional extras. Whatever suits your organisation.

notes in

If you don’t already hold an ISO 27001: 2013 accreditation, as a large organisation, you could benefit from having that under your belt. It can open more business doors, as well as strengthen your security posture and trustworthiness in the industry you work in.

HR Security on another level

With, you can document a complete screening and recruitment process, as well as inductions, in-life compliance, training and exit meetings.

The natural collaborative nature of the platform lets you easily administer teams. You can also group HR initiatives together using our simple ‘Cluster’ functionality that makes access, navigation and analysis fast and effective.

Demonstrate ROI to Stakeholders

Presentation-ready data showing your own Risk, Applicable Legislation and Interested Parties records. Any information you put into the platform is exportable from that one secure online environment, always on to support fast, effective decision making and investment. gives your organisation the solid foundation to make sure the principles of GDPR are fully embraced by your workforce.

*Our Adopt, Adapt and Add to policies and controls will give you a great head start. Many can be ‘adopted’ in just minutes, some need minor ‘adaptation’ for your organisation, and others you will need to ‘add’ to and describe yourself. This is because your organisation is unique in those areas. Crucial to everything is your ability to demonstrate your management system working. shines a light on that very nicely for you, your senior management, your staff, your supply chain, and if they come knocking, customers and regulators too.