The ICO Based GDPR Framework

With our ICO based GDPR framework, you get a secure workspace for gap analysis & building your own compliance regime.

And because is in the cloud, you can work whenever, wherever, and with whoever you want to.

Building on the GDPR compliance advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office, we have built a Framework into that’s easy to follow, and lets you add in your own progress and policies to let you easily demonstrate your compliance.

Hit your ISO 27001 deadline.

Want a More Complete Solution? The GDPR Potential of

So you can go with the above framework and build your own tools and policies, or you can get the job done quicker. The following features are just the tip of the iceberg of what the software is capable of. You can utilise as little or as much of the tools as you need, but let’s start with the potential that it holds to get your GDPR aspirations off the ground.

Your easy to follow path

Follow each step of the GDPR requirements within the structure. This allows you to focus on the deliverables, and the Actions that need to be taken to achieve them. You can then start filling up those work areas, delegate tasks to other team members and set up an approval process to review work completed.

ISMS deliverable s in

Monitor the engagement of your supply chain

Forget about boring, outdated spreadsheets, Word documents and emails that are easily lost. With you can see instantly the status of sentiment of your suppliers and internal and external customers. This powerful tool lets you identify where your focus should be, cutting down on that decision time.

monitor performance of accounts

Keep on top of Subject Access deadlines

With Tracks, you can ensure deadlines are met in relation to Subject Access Requests. Record the subject request, assign the task to yourself or a team mate, then set due dates and reminders to ensure the work gets done. You then have a record of your GDPR compliance in this area.

GDPR subject access requests in

This solution gives you the strong foundations to make sure your organisation fully embraces the principles of GDPR.

*Our Adopt, Adapt and Add to policies and controls will give you a great head start. Many can be ‘adopted’ in just minutes, some need minor ‘adaptation’ for your organisation, and others you will need to ‘add’ to and describe yourself. This is because your organisation is unique in those areas. Crucial to everything is your ability to demonstrate your management system working. shines a light on that very nicely for you, your senior management, your staff, your supply chain, and if they come knocking, customers and regulators too.