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ISO 27001 Training

What is ISO 27001 Training?

If you are new to a subject, an obvious area of consideration is the investment in training and learning support.  Information security management is no different with courses for information management and cyber security growing in popularity as the demand grows for standards like ISO 27001 and many others such as NIST Cyber Security.  ISO 27001 training itself can actually cover many topic areas. Professional development on information risk management, governance & compliance, auditing, cyber security and privacy is good for the CV. Training in many of the operational aspects of information security such as HRcommunicationscryptography, and improving security in the supply chain can also be a good thing for employee and employer, assuming the training is up to date and delivered by a recognised authority. Training and knowledge development for better information security can take many forms from academic university courses, practical ‘how to’ training through online courses and more traditional physical classroom tuition.

Some learning materials are provided free online (such as the resources here on the website). Popular social media platforms like SlideShare, LinkedIn and many others off free resources too and eLearning platforms like Udemy also offer low cost and free training on ISO 27001.   In fact if you type in ‘free ISO 27001 training’ into Google you will see over 2.1 million results! The time spent by staff on surfing and identifying the good tutorials from the bad content will unlikely turn out to be free in real terms, but it is a useful start.

Structured courses might start with a foundation on information security management, or an introduction to the ISO 27001 International Standard, then progress through to advanced level practitioner courses and specialist areas of knowledge. Our free training resources are curated into topics that are great for newcomers to information security including those aiming to achieve ISO 27001 for the first time, as well as improvers and experts on the topic too. comes with other capability that makes the requirement for more traditional training less important as well.

Do you find ISO 27001 confusing?

Should you send everyone on an ISO 27001 training course?

Information security and information security management system (ISMS) build & operation is rarely done by one person.  Therefore training to get everyone aligned is good but can certainly get expensive when you consider teams and multiple people needs (or the time spent doing knowledge transfer for colleagues by the person who did get on the training course!).

As people move on it is important to consider how that knowledge is retained because an ISMS needs ongoing management and continuous improvement (at least to achieve then maintain an independently certified ISO 27001 information security management system).

What is the best way to learn how to implement and maintain an ISO 27001 certified information management system?

There are numerous other aspects to consider when evaluating the options for onlineclassroom, free and paid for training.  People also learn in different ways and a one size fits all approach to information security or ISO 27001 training may not be the most effective. We’ve considered some of the pros and cons of online and classroom training.

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So should you invest in training for information security management and ISO 27001?

One of the most significant aspects of training in itself, is that it does not actually get the work done to deliver the outcome (e.g. achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification).  A bit like buying a drill, you don’t necessarily want the drill, you want the hole in the wall, or more likely the painting on it!

Training is also likely to be only one of the many investments that need to be considered for budgeting around the first implementation of your ISMS.  It is no surprise that many ISO focused training organisations also offer consulting, documentation toolkits and some of them offer technology as well.

That can all get quite expensive. However the opportunity cost of poor information security management, security incidents, data breaches and loss of key customer contracts can still make it worthwhile, especially with growing regulatory penalties from GDPR.  Check out our business case builder resources for more insight on how to calculate the return from ISO 27001.

Aside from the CV benefits of a recognised training course, we think there is a better way for organisations to get the outcome they want.  With it comes an even better return on investment overall, with the people trained and engaged on the way to organisation success too.

  • The cloud software platform comes pre-configured with frameworks, tools, knowledge and actionable documentation to easily adopt, adapt and add to, with tips and guides built in.
  • We have developed a complementary Virtual Coach training solution that provides practical coaching and more detailed guidance that helps get everyone in the team on the same page.  Starting at the beginning, it prepares you for success and takes you on the implementation journey at the pace you want to work. It also includes practical training and support for implementing every part of the ISO 27001 standard.
  • There is more than one way to achieve ISO 27001 and with so much to do, there are a few costly or time consuming pitfalls to avoid.  Most training organisations will likely suggest a variation on the same themes. We have developed the Assured Results Method. It is a proven pragmatic path to success that integrates beautifully with the Virtual Coach and the knowledge already embedded in the platform.

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